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  • The Story Of Red Pilled Menace and The Trolling Of iTunes

    My name is Jason; I would first like to state that both political parties are trash. I am a right-leaning libertarian but have many classical liberal beliefs. In this article, I will prove that all major music streaming services actively censor artists with right-leaning political views but allow the left to get away with murder.

    I have carefully preserved all the evidence for my claims in screenshots throughout this article. However, I will leave my political opinion at the door as much as possible and allow this blog post to account for what happened accurately.

    For those with a short attention span, you can simply watch this video:

    To illustrate this conundrum I wrote two albums: One was a right-leaning project with some foul language by a band called Red Pilled Menace, and then on the opposite side, I wrote a horrific racist Antifa album with all of the social redemption of Skrewdriver by a fictitious leftist band called The Antifascist Majority. I played every instrument on both projects.

    2021 The Birth Of Red Pilled Menace

    Red Pilled Menace is a one-man punk/metal project I started out of boredom during the endless COVID lockdowns in Los Angeles. The music is best described as an episode of Tucker Carlson put to punk & heavy metal music. The songs are humorous, light-hearted takes on topics often opined by the American right, such as Bill Gates, Joe Biden, wokeness, AOC, vaccines, The World Economic Forum, etc.

    After completing each recording, I would make a video and publish it to my YouTube channel and Instagram. You can find them all in this playlist that has been on YouTube for over a year and has never received a strike.

    Your Enemy is Not Russia

    After a year or so, these tracks started to attract a decent following, so I decided to compile the songs into an album called “Your Enemy Is Not Russia” and publish it to iTunes.

    Music Streaming Politics

    Anyone can get on Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes, no matter how bad your music is. The rules are so loose you can record a collection of fart sounds, and it will get accepted – all you have to do is pay.

    However, a small handful of companies are the gatekeepers to the streaming services, and you have to go through one of them. The two most prominent are CD Baby and DistroKid, but there are others.

    I chose the Portland-based CD baby because I’d used them before. The typical turnaround is about a week. However, after uploading my songs and art, I waited for over a month, and my album still hung in limbo. I didn’t get a rejection email, but when I logged into my account, my album would show as “pending.” After six weeks, I finally contacted their tech support, and this is the actual email I got back:

    I guessed I was getting blocked by some low-level Antifa goon who took an issue with my PG-13 “right-wing” content, but that wasn’t before CDBaby closed my account and banned me from the platform permanently.

    Figuring this was just bad luck, I went to their competitor Distrokid and went through the submission process. Everything seemed to be going fine until I got an email from Distrokid saying they had an issue with my artwork.

    I thought this was odd, so I did a quick search of stuff that was already on the streaming platforms, and it will come as no surprise that plenty of releases used Donald Trump’s image (see slides below}.

    So I changed my artwork to a cartoon donkey and removed the “public figures.”

    I resubmitted it, only to get this rejection email from Distrokid a week later.

    Distrokid proves my point in this rejection email: everyone who pays gets accepted, except for rare situations.

    2022 The Birth Of The Antifascist Majority

    At this point, I realized my PG-13 “right-wing” songs would never get on the streaming services, but I had an idea: What if I wrote an extremely far-left antifa album with lyrics ten thousand times more offensive…Would it get accepted?

    There was only one way to find out.

    I got to work and quickly recorded a 6-song 12-minute punk album that would make Ian Stuart blush by a new fictional band called The Antifascist Majority. I named the collection of songs “War Against The Patriarchy”.

    The “Money Lines”

    The Antifascist Majority tracks are replete with in-your-face anti-white racism, fantasies of lynching Clarence Thomas, a plot to rape and murder female Trump supporters in front of their kids, mocking Rush Limbaugh’s death from cancer, and the execution in Nazi-style gas chambers of anyone who doesn’t drive an electric vehicle. Regardless of your political leanings, I cannot overstate that this album’s lyrics are horrible and wrong; you can read them all here.

    In each song on the “Antifascist Majority” album, I tried to include at least one “money line” so terrible that it should definitely get the song banned from polite society.

    Here is a list of some of the choice “money lines”:

    All white people should be gassed in camps
    Use their hair to make pillows and lamps
    It sounds like a good start if you ask me

    Indigenous People’s Lament (Fuck White Privilege)

    Find Clarence Thomas
    Hang that man from a tree
    Because it ain’t a hate crime
    To lynch a fucking Nazi

    Ruth Sent Us To Kill

    Cis white males need to die in pain
    If they don’t vote Democrat and stand with Ukraine
    We’re going to lynch every Nazi that voted for Trump
    And burn their fucking corpses and throw them in a dump


    The ugly and barren women
    Were culled with no mercy
    Then we gathered the attractive and young
    And they were raped by POC

    Slaughter of the ignorant
    Trump supporters must die
    Slaughter of the ignorant
    Rape those cunts

    Slaughter Of The Ignorant

    Rush Limbaugh was a Nazi
    Of that, we can be sure
    If cancer keeps killing guys like this
    We should never find a cure

    Rush Limbaugh Takes A Dirt Nap

    There is no fucking future
    Burning fossils from the past
    On your knees before solar power
    Or be thrown in a camp and gassed

    Fossil Fuels Have Gone The Way Of The Dinosaur

    These are some of the choice lines; you can find the complete lyrics here.

    Third Attempt

    Now that I had my new leftist album in the can, it was time to see if I could get it accepted.

    Since I’m now banned from CDBaby and Distrokid, I got a new email address, used FakeNameGenerator.com to make a new identity, and even used a prepaid credit card, so my name would not appear on any billing info.

    I submitted this collection of songs and included the lyrics. I paid the fees, waited a few short days, and “War Against The Patriarchy” went through with no issues and would soon be streaming on all major services.

    As you can see in the slides below…


    Here are links to some, but not all, of the places this racist nonsense is currently available.


    There are the results of my social experiment. I only play music for fun, but I would be shit-out-of-luck if I were an artist dependent on the money these streaming services provide. It is no secret there is a left-wing bias in the music business, but I have demonstrated through my trolling that leftists are allowed to get away with murder, but the right is muzzled before they even get out of the gate.

    Going back to my classical liberal ideals: I believe that even if I don’t like what you have to say, I would still fight for your right to say it. Sadly, these are no longer the values of the modern “woke” American left; maybe someday, sanity will be restored, but I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.



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