Antifascist Majority – War Against The Patriarchy (All Lyrics)

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Slaughter Of The Ignorant

The opening shot of the new civil war
We raided the trailer park
Took the men to the woods on the edge of town
Where they were mercilessly shot in the dark

Slaughter of the ignorant
Trump supporters must die
Slaughter of the ignorant
Fuck those cunts

The ugly and barren women
Were culled with no mercy
Then we gathered the attractive and young
And they were raped by POC

Slaughter of the ignorant
Trump supporters must die
Slaughter of the ignorant
Rape those cunts

All that remained was the children
And if they wanted to remain alive
They’d have to atone for the sins of their past
Or Be raped, burned, and defiled

Fuck ’em all

I’m Antiracist

Cis white males need to die in pain
If they don’t vote Democrat and stand with Ukraine
We’re going to lynch every Nazi that voted for Trump
And burn their fucking corpses and throw them in a dump

It’s our war against the conservative right
Who wants to take a woman’s right to choose
In Portland, you will feel Antifa’s might
It’s too late, but you wish you knew

If your not Antiracist, Antiracist, Antiracist
You’re a racist
If your not Antiracist, Antiracist
You’re a fucking racist scum

Indigenous People’s Lament (Fuck White Privilege)

They sailed across the sea to steal our land
Mercilessly slaughtered the Indian man
Rather than smoking the pipe of peace
We tried to run but didn’t get far

He burned our town and raped our squa
We tried to run, but didn’t get far
The white man ain’t human; he’s a fucking beast

Fuck white privilege
And fuck you too

All white people should be gassed in camps
Use their hair to make pillows and lamps
It sounds like a good start to me

Scalp every white loser who will cause a commotion
As we take our land back from ocean to ocean
It’s a brand new America, run by POC  

Fuck white privilege
And fuck white people too

We gotta rise up and take it back
In the name of Native Americans
And most importantly, black!

Ruth Sent Us To Kill

Tonight Kavanaugh shovels his grave
For his wrong decision in Roe Vs. Wade 
Find ACB and kill on sight
Send that Nazi Christian back to the light

Find Clarence Thomas
Hang that man from a tree
Because it ain’t a hate crime
To lynch a fucking Nazi

Ruth sent us to kill
Every racist Republican 

Rush Limbaugh Takes A Dirt Nap

Rush Limbaugh was a Nazi
Of that, we can be sure
If cancer keeps killing guys like this
We should never find a cure

It took years for that jackass to pass
But he ultimately died in pain
Now he’s burning down in hell
With fellow Nazi Herb McCain

Fossil Fuels Have Gone The Way Of The Dinosaur

Listen here, you redneck shithead
Driving that SUV
You should be capped with a shot to the head
If you don’t get yourself a new EV

There is no fucking future
Burning fossils from the past
On your knees before solar power
Or be thrown in a camp and gassed

Fossil fuels have gone the way of the dinosaur

Listening To Ben Shapiro Makes You Impotent

Listening to Ben Shapiro makes you impotent
Every time he gets on the mic
Listening to Ben Shapiro makes you impotent
A spokesman for the Third Reich 

Listening to Ben Shapiro makes you impotent
Makes your penis fall off
Listening to Ben Shapiro makes you impotent
Lost erection